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Oh mammy's Beauty & Wellness Service

inspired by IZUMO, Japan, where ancient
 wisdom remains to the present day.

AMAZING IZUMO is a project launched by a Japanese company called "Food Lab" in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, with the desire to convey and share the charm and splendor of the food and culture that originated in Izumo with many people. 

Oh mammy also joined this project by a turn of fate, and through AMAZING IZUMO, we would love to spread the goodness of Japan in the United States along with Izumo's original special products and services with "Hakko 発酵 (fermentation)", which is the essential mission of Oh mammy.


We are pleased to be able to provide powerful support which is multiplied by combining them to promote the beauty and health of you to make yourself "Hakko 発光 (radiant)", and help you shine your original charm.

Please come and enjoy a special and AMAZING experience that can only be possible here.


Selection of Medicinal Herbs

Izumo Makomo (Zizania), Mugwort, Bamboo Powder, Horsetail, Moringa, Persimmon Leaves, Fish Mint, Turmeric, etc.


external approach

Healing Herbal Steam

We'd love to emphasize that how "Hakko (fermented) MAKOMO" made a big difference from regular herbal steam like Yoni steam. Come experience the magic of our version of herbal steam, in which your whole body is enveloped and infused with a potent healing herbal mist.

This individual steam method is a very efficient way to intake the benefits of the medicinal properties of plants as well as beneficial microorganisms that are essential for our health and wellbeing.

Why Our Herbal Steam?

It can help with



Improves intestinal flora, bowel movement and immunity by intaking beneficial microorganisms

Stress & Fatigue

Relieves fatigue and muscle ache. Better sleep and mood. Reduce anxiety and stress.


Purifies blood and its circulation.

Helps getting rid of the waste and

toxins from your body.                                    


Women's Health

It warms the body from the core through efficient percutaneous absorption. That leads to improve sensitivity to cold and fertility, as well as menstrual pain, PMS, and menopausal issues. Helps post partum recovery.

Weight Loss

By improving the intestinal environment, it can be expected to be effective in preventing obesity by suppressing the absorption of fat and other substances.

Skin Condition

Improves skin and hair condition like eczema, dry and itchy skin, wrinkles, etc.


Therapeutic Massage

By receiving this massage after the herbal steam, the active ingredients and useful bacteria from the steam attached to the body will penetrate into the skin.

In addition, by relaxing the body and mind, the circulation of blood and lymph is promoted, and the effect of herbal steam can be maximized.

exclusive treatmet


Probiotic Smoothie

A special smoothie bursting with nutrition and good bacteria, made with special ingredients from Izumo, which are Makomo and Rose Syrup.

In addition to them, Red Beets, Berries, and Amazake made the smoothie so delicious. 

Amazake is said to be "a drinkable IV shot" in Japan because it is high in nutrition. 
After a herbal steam treatment from the outside, this smoothie brings nutrition and probiotics to the inside of your body, enhancing the health benefits from a two-pronged approach.


internal approach


“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

— Monique Hale

Our Salon is Opening Soon.

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