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The process of fermenting Miki


Hakko  発酵

Hakko is the term for "fermentation" in Japanese. Japanese food culture has a long history of making the best use of fermentation to bring out the "Umami" flavors that enhance health benefits, as well as long-term food preservation. 

We use a variety of Hakko ingredients like Soy sauce, Miso, Koji, Sake and more to our menus.

The process of Hakko makes the food probiotic-rich. Hakko foods help you restore and maintain your gut microbiome which is essential for your overall health and wellness.

Oh mammy Japanese  (日本語)


Hakko  発光
(To Shine / Be Radiant)

Another meaning of Hakko in Japanese is "to shine" or "be radiant."
We wish people's lives to shine through experiencing Oh mammy's products.
We believe that fermentative bacteria, which is a beneficial bacteria that promotes gut health, leads to increased happiness and joy.
We believe that this has the power to make a positive change in the world.

We would like to introduce what it means to use the process of Hakko, through traditional Japanese fermented foods, combining Western and Japanese traditions with love to create a whole new authentic flavor and culture.

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