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MAKOMO & Healing
Herbal Steam

To all visitors of this page, I am truly delighted to introduce the Oh Mammy's special "Makomo Steam" and "Healing Herbal Steam" experience, which can only be experienced here and has the power to restore and transform both the mind and body.

(You can also receive similar services at Catskill's sister company, POCA POCA.)

Makomo Steam utilizes the special Makomo from Izumo, Japan, which has a mystical history dating back to ancient times. Additionally, our Healing Herbal Steam incorporates carefully chosen herbs that have been coated with beneficial bacteria through fermentation.

This highly effective treatment method allows the beneficial bacteria and microorganisms essential for maintaining good health, as well as the natural medicinal properties of plants, to envelop the entire body through a warm and pleasant steam, reaching all over the body from the genital area.

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Therapeutic Massage

Nao's massage skills are excellent at understanding the specific needs of each customer, and they are often described as "Magic Hands."


When combined with a warm and relaxing herbal steam, this massage can effectively release stiffness and blockages according to individual requirements. It promotes circulation throughout the body, including blood flow and lymph, resulting in a complete rejuvenation of the mind and body.


Makomo/Herbal Steam Benefits 

It can help with


Digestion & Immunity

Improves intestinal flora, bowel movement and immunity by intaking beneficial microorganisms

Stress & Fatigue

By rejuvenating all the body cells, it relieves fatigue and muscle ache. Better sleep and mood. Reduce anxiety and stress.

Skin Condition

Improves skin and hair condition like eczema, dry and itchy skin, wrinkles, etc.


Women's Health

It warms the body from the core through efficient percutaneous absorption. That leads to improve sensitivity to cold and fertility, as well as menstrual pain, PMS, and menopausal issues. It helps to balance hormone levels.

Weight Loss

By improving the intestinal environment, it can be expected to be effective in preventing obesity by suppressing the absorption of fat and other substances.


Makomo is rich in Silica, it 

purifies blood and its circulation.

Helps getting rid of the waste and toxins from your body.          

*There can be individual differences in the way people respond to certain effects or situations, and these differences may mean that not everyone experiences the same effects.


Laura Paskell-Brown

So incredible. Beyond words. I felt so taken care of. You women built the container with so much love. This was beyond a dream, it was a sacred holding of me - body and soul.

Maya van der Meer

It was such an honor to participate and it was truly one of the most (if not THE most) nourishing experiences I’ve ever had. I was an altered state. Blissful. And this feeling has penetrated deep within and remains there.

Tara Foley

I had such a wonderful experience. It happened at the perfect time in my life. It was really meant to be. It’s hard to explain, sometimes life gives you little sparkles right when you need them.

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