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Our Signature Curry & Rice
Vegan Curry & Brown Rice
Vegan Soup Style Curry

Only 10 sets are available per day.

Makomo Leaf / Stem Tea
Probiotic Super Drink OhMIKI
Now we have Gluten-free &
Vegan sweets available!

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 Making Miki


Oh mammy curry factory

After years of serving the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area, Oh mammy, the best-kept secret of the Japanese expatriate community in New Jersey, has opened its doors to welcome customers.

Oh mammy offers a variety of fresh and frozen Japanese comfort foods prepared by artisan chefs.


Oh mammy's

Signature Hakko

(fermented) Curry

It is developed with a blend of Japanese traditional fermented (Hakko) ingredients and healing spices and herbs used in Eastern medicinal cuisine.


Made with 11 plus fruits and vegetables, our curry is deliciously fiber-rich.


Enjoy our addictively spicy and deliciously gut-friendly curry!

Oh mammy's

OhMIKI - Okinawan Probiotic Drink

Miki is a traditional lacto-fermented super drink from the Islands of Okinawa, Japan, where the population is known for its longevity.


It is made with rice, sweet potato and filtered water, and is 100% NON-DAIRY.


A recent study by Japan’s largest research organization for basic and applied science showed that over 100 million  lactic-acid bacteria can be found in 1 milliliter (about 0.03 fluid ounces) of Miki, making this traditional non-dairy drink a modern day “probiotic” drink.


Miki’s list of benefits include:

  • Relieving fatigue and constipation by promoting gut-health.

  • High nutritional value and ease of digestion

  • Helping to strengthen the immune system


In Okinawa, it is traditionally drank daily among all islanders including young children and the elderly.

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