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What is Healing Herbal Steam?

An exquisite healing time, bathing your whole body in the gentle power of nature from plants and fermented bacteria. This treatment will definitely make you feel revitalized.



Fermentation bacteria = microorganisms that have a positive effect on the body

When you bathe your body in many good microorganisms contained in this Healing Herbal Steam, Improves the intestinal environment, promotes blood purification and sculpting, loosens muscles and joints, It has a bactericidal effect and protects our body from viruses and bacteria that are harmful to the body. Microorganisms that play an important role in the body balance the body, It seems that it will continue to live for about two weeks after having the herbal steam. People who have a lot of fermented bacteria = good microorganisms can move their bodies flexibly and their minds will be enriched.


Project Name

The medicinal properties of plants and the power of fermentation, it revitalizes the countless indigenous bacteria that humans naturally have, and encourages the support needed by weak parts of the body. If you keep bathing in the powerful biosteam...


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You will bathe in the steam all over your body by sitting on the special made chair which is placed over the steaming pot. The main ingredients of the Healing Herbal Steam is Hakko (fermented) Makomo, Mugwort and Bamboo leaves impregnated with Fermented Ancient Rice extract, and several types of medicinal plant powder (Moringa, Cacao, Persimmon leaves, Dokudami (Fish mint), Horsetail, Turmeric, etc.) All of the herbs used for the steam are safe to ingest.


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Bio Steam wears a cloak on top of the naked body, sits on a special chair with a hole in the center, and warms the body from below. By wearing a cloak, the steam spreads throughout the body. The reason why the steam is absorbed through the skin (especially the pubic area) is the absorption rate. The mucosal transdermal absorption rate of the genital area is said to be 42 times higher than the inner arm. It seems that it is about 7 times when you make a drink and take it orally. In other words, it is absorbed by the body more efficiently than drinking and eating. Bio Steam warms the body from the core through efficient transdermal absorption. In addition, all the materials used in Bio Steam are in the form of moxa or powder, so it is said that the ingredients will be on the steam in less than 20 seconds after starting. ​ Since each plant powder has its own detoxifying effect, sweating is not necessary. In other words, it can be said that it is a safe body care that does not require high temperatures. It is relatively easy for people who are sensitive to heat and those who are not good at saunas to take it, and it is accepted by a wide range of people.


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[Those who are contraindicated for bio steam]

1. Early pregnancy, those with pregnancy toxemia

2. Those with urine protein

3. For in vitro fertilization and micro-insemination

4. Elderly people

5. Those who have residual alcohol in their body

6. Those with a fever

7. Those who have been stopped by a doctor from taking a bath, sauna, etc. ​Note)


If you have a disease or are going to a hospital, please make a reservation after obtaining permission from your family doctor in advance.

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