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50g (1.77oz)


Expected effects and benefits

Arthralgia, Relaxation of neuralgia, stiff shoulder cancellation, the cancellation of the muscular pain, the prevention, improvement having poor circulation, humidity retention action low back pain.


Refresh & Relax:

Mental stability, Restful sleep, Refresh, Recovery from fatigue, Low back pain, Joint pain relief, Improvement of coldness, Blood circulation, Skin diseases, Eczema, etc.


Hand picked organic local herbs.

Soil is used EM solution which is a liquid mixture of important probiotic, beneficial microorganisms that are known to work cooperatively to provide tremendous benefits for soil and plants. The efficacy of EM on agricultural crops have been studied throughout the world.


Bath Herbs: Mugwort / Refresh & Relax

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Mugwort: Mugwort


    Refresh & Relax: Myoga, Mugwort, Orange peel powder, Honeysuckle buds, Loquat leaf, Lemon Barm, Peony flower petal

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